SR9009 (Stenabolic) 20MG/ML
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SR9009 (Stenabolic) 20MG/ML

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Raider Crusader

CAS Number: 1379686-30-2

Formula: C20H24ClN3O4S

Molar Mass: 437.940 g/mol

Class: Rev-ERB agonist

SR9009, also called Stenabolic, is a research compound that is often mentioned when people talk about SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). In reality, Stenabolic is not a SARM at all, it is actually a Rev-ErbA ligand. This means that it’s a molecule that binds itself to the Rev-Erb protein and enhances its activity in our body. Rev-ErbA is a protein that is highly present in our liver, fat, muscles and skeletal muscles.

In our muscles, Stenabolic increases our mitochondria count. This results in an incredible endurance increase.

 This is the reason for the great endurance improvement that SR9009 causes.

 SR9009 doesn’t only affect our endurance in our muscles, it also promotes fat loss. It does this by promoting the activity of mitochondria in our muscles. The result of this is that we end up burning fat and it also increases our endurance even more.


  • Wakefulness,
  • improved focus,
  • significant fat loss,
  • decreased atherosclerosis,
  • connective tissue repair,
  • improved insulin sensitivity,
  • increased mitochondrial count.

Cited Research: Sports Technology Labs Research Blog


This preparation is for research purposes only and is not approved by the FDA for human use.

We do not provide any advice on the usage of these products as UK Law prevents this. Customers should check the legality of this product in their own country prior to purchase.