PipingRock L dopa Macuna

PipingRock L- DOPA Mucuna Pruriens Standardized, 350 mg, 120 Quick Release Capsules,

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Raider Crusader

A potent Ayurveda supplement, Mucuna popularly known as Velvet beans or Kapikachchhu is known to balance all three doshas in the body. It is known to build fertility in men, increase libido for men and women, It is also indicated in leucorrhoea, menorrhagia and spermatorrhoea. It is also indicated in relaxing the brain.


  • Our capsules are 100% pure vegetarian
  • Made from carefully selected whole Mucuna Pruriens which are processed to pure extract under stringent quality checks.
  • Premium quality at low cost, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Authentic & pure ingredients source from India
  • All products meet UK/EU legislation to maintain high health and safety standards


Made from pure extract.  Suitable for vegetarians