GERMAN PHARMA - LGD ULTRA LGD is also known as Liganadrol is a highly efficient muscle builder and bulking agent. LGD-ULTRA is one of the strongest and most popular compounds on the market. After just a few weeks of supplementing LGD-ULTRA, you will notice significant increases in …

German Pharma LGD ULTRA - 60 Capsules 4mg

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When it comes to gains in size as well as strength, LGD is an all time favourite S.A.R.M, and for good reason. The bulking potential with LGD comes from its stimulation of androgen receptors, boosting the potential for protein synthesis beyond any regular capacity. Suited especially for bodybuilders and powerlifters, LGD is non-steroidal but remains one of the strongest oral S.A.R.M.S available.

German Pharma LGD Ultra is a non steroidal SARM, it demonstrates anabolic activity in the muscles, anti-resorptive and anabolic activity in bones and selectivity for muscle and bone versus prostate and sebaceous glands. It was developed to treat muscle wasting and age-related muscle loss.

LGD Ultra is considered to be the best SARM for building muscle size and the reviews we have seen are backing these claims. Many of the initial trials were conducted at a low dose, we recommend not exceeding 12mg daily which will provide plenty or quality gains for the user.